Getting minds wriggling
From mini-beast hunts to puddle jumping, we make learning creative and natural.

Areas of development

We enjoy working within a continuous cycle of improvement, reflection and feedback and are always working on something! Our School Development Plan helps to drive the school forward and is developed with a collaborative ethos including all staff and Governors.

Our School Development Plan

What we are working on

Priority 1 
Outcomes for Pupils
To ensure best possible progress for ALL children from birth to five through our knowledge and understanding of each individual child and our use of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework

Priority 2 
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
a) To develop our collective staff knowledge and understanding of early education in order to maximise the potential of staff, the environment, and our resources
b) To review and refine our current methods of recording and celebrating children’s development and achievements to ensure it is clear, consistent, and rigorous and reflects our BNSCC ethos

Priority 3 
Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
With support of confident staff; to encourage children to take risks and to understand how to keep themselves safe in different situations and in partnership with parents/carers

Priority 4 
Leadership & Management
To ensure leadership and management remains outstanding with a highly ambitious drive to continue to improve, working both strategically and creatively to ensure the ethos of BNSCC remains alive and well