Warm and caring
A team committed to excellence for our children.

School Partners

We value working with a range of partners to best meet the needs of our children.

Zara and Jenni - Our Yoga teachers

Zara and Jenni work in the nursery for 2 sessions a week (morning and afternoon) ,as well as with staff and the Children’s Centre. They use yoga to help children’s physical development in both their gross motor movements and their coordination. Yoga is a fantastic way of helping children’s self-regulation too.

Frances - Our Music Therapist

Frances works one day a week as a Music Therapist to support our small intake of 2 year olds and some children with additional needs. Frances works with small groups, on a one to one basis and with parents to use music as a way of expression. She also runs a ‘community music group’ as part of the Children’s Centre timetable for children and their families.

Other partner agencies

We work with a wide range of other agencies

This includes working closely with Health Visitors, link Social Workers, Community Nursery Nurses, CAMHS, Family Support, Oral Health, Balham Library, The Wandle Early Years Hub and the Homeless Refugee and Asylum Team.