A centre of excellence
Delighted to be ‘outstanding’.

Ofsted reports

Our school is open to inspection by Ofsted and the Local Authority, which helps to ensure that all the children receive a good standard of education.

Our most recent inspection Report - April 2023.

Summary of key findings

This is an outstanding school.

There has been no change to this schools overall judgement of outstanding as a result of this ungraded (section 8) inspection. However, the evidence gathered suggests that the
inspection grade might not be as high if a graded (section 5) inspection were carried out now. Inspectors are recommend ing the next inspection to be a graded inspection.

• Children come eagerly into school at the start of each day. They greet their friends happily and quickly get stuck into something exciting Children develop warm and positive relationships with staff . Children are happy, safe and secure in school. Staff are great at supporting children who need a bit more help to settle in or to manage their emotions.

• Children have plenty of time to play, find things out and explore. They spend lots of time outside and enjoy activities such as climbing, riding the bikes and finding ‘treasure’ in the sand.

• The school’s friendly atmosphere helps all children to feel welcome and included. Children behave very well. Older children are excellent role models to the younger ones, helping to serve food at lunchtimes, for example. Children show kindness to others. They enjoy looking after the school’s pets.

• Everyone is focused on helping children to become confident, independent and resilient. Staff share leaders’ high expectations for children’s learning and personal development.

• Leaders provide an ambitious curriculum. They encourage children to follow their interests and learn through play. Leaders are clear about what children need to be able to do in each area of learning. From the time children join the school, staff work closely with parents and carers to understand each child’s needs and circumstances. Over time, children achieve well. Even though they are sad to say goodbye, children are well prepared for the move to primary school.

• Leaders make sure that children with special educational needs and/or disabilities get the support they need. Staff work alongside other professionals, such as music and speech therapists, to identify and meet children’s needs.

• The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

• The strong emphasis on children’s wider development helps children to manage different situations well. They learn to share and wait their turn. Children’s positive behaviour helps everyone to learn and play happily. Parents used words such as ‘blossom’ and ‘flourish’ to describe how well their children’s confidence grows during their time here. Children learn about different cultures, festivals and traditions.

The full report is available below:

School Inspection report - January 2018

Our school continues to be outstanding (5 in a row!)

  • There is a pursuit of excellence at Balham Nursery that begins with the Headteacher and extends right through the school community.
  • This is a dynamic place, a warm, supportive and caring school, where children are nurtured, and encouraged to explore and have fun.
  • All children enjoy their time at school and make outstanding progress. Their parents agree unanimously
  • The children enjoy a stimulating curriculum which is seen in every classroom across the school and outdoors.
  • Fun and exploration are at the core of practice.
  • Relationships are strong and supportive.
  • Practitioners provide an exceptional range of stimulating resources and activities which reflect and value the diversity of the children’s experiences.
  • Because the curriculum and teaching are strong, the children are happy, settled and engaged; learning is rapid
  • The behaviour of the children is perfect in every respect. Older children listen intently and are highly responsive, kind and caring towards each other.
  • All children are highly motivated, showing curiosity, concentration and imagination.
  • Children consistently show the characteristics of effective learning and move on to the next stage of their education, having been exceptionally well prepared.
  • There is a culture of vigilance where children’s welfare is actively promoted. Children are listened to and feel safe.

The full report is available below:

Early years inspection report - January 2015

Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is outstanding

  • The quality of teaching is outstanding. As a result, children are extremely excited and motivated to learn because they play in a vibrant, stimulating play environment, which is rich in high quality resources. Children receive focused support and guidance from an enthusiastic staff team.
  • The organisation of the environment, and the staff’s ability in organising the daily routine, ensures children are becoming confident and have ample opportunities to dictate their own play.
  • Children settle into the nursery school with ease because of the effective and robust settling-in procedures, which includes a home visit. This allows children, parents and key persons to bond quickly.
  • The management team cultivates an atmosphere of strong team working where staff contribute ideas that promote collaborative working.
  • Partnerships with internal and outside agencies are outstanding. Individualised support is provided for all children, particularly those with additional needs, ensuring they settle into the nursery and confidently transfer to school.

The full report is available below

School Inspection Report - May 2013

Summary of key findings

This is an outstanding school.

  • Children make outstanding progress, and attainment by the end of Nursery is securely above that expected.
  • Teaching is creative, inspirational and promotes high-quality learning for children.
  • Challenging and interesting learning activities are set at the right level for children’s different needs.
  • Children thrive in an extremely positive and safe learning environment.
  • Strong relationships are established, and children are cooperative, considerate and respectful.
  • Teamwork is strong and all staff show determination in doing the very best for the children and their families.
  • With outstanding leadership and strong teamwork, there is an outstanding capacity for further development.
  • The Children’s Centre provides a range of quality services to support parents.
  • Governance, the local authority and an external adviser make a valuable contribution to the school’s success. . Highly productive partnerships have been established with parents and other agencies.

The full report is available below