Federation Updates and Information

We will be providing any updates and further information on our journey as we move forward with The Wandsworth Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools.

Update - 19 April 2022

Somerset Nursery School - Consultation

Following the Spring Full Governing Body meeting, the Board of Somerset Nursery School have agreed to proceed with a consultation to join The Wandsworth Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools. The Consultation Document, FAQs and Confidential Response Form can be found on the following pages.

A covering letter from the Chair of the Governing Body can be found here:

Update - 12 March 2021

The public consultation on the proposal to federate Balham and Eastwood Nursery Schools has now closed. The feedback that was received was very supportive, so we will now move ahead with the new governance arrangements, which are at the heart of what we are proposing. From the 1st April 2021, we will become the ‘Wandsworth Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools’ The main driver behind the federation is to secure a stronger future for the maintained nursery schools in the borough and to continue to be a positive guiding influence on the early years provision in Wandsworth. It is important to note that each of the nursery schools will keep its unique identity. The main thing that will change is that there will be one Governing Body, and one Executive Head Teacher, with responsibility for both schools. Formal arrangements and meetings with both Governing Bodies will now take place and it will be formally agreed to establish one Governing Board moving forward.

Thank you for your support, commitment and positivity around the process.