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We look at the world through a child’s eyes to make learning fun.

What people say

Feedback gathered from our parents and partners.

My experience has been really positive. My child has special needs and the school has supported us through everything.

Parent 2016-2017

All staff give a warm welcome at all times to both myself and my child. From the class staff, to the Headteacher, kitchen and office staff too - commendable!

Parent 2016-2017

My child’s needs are met and exceeded! She has had wider experiences and opportunities since starting nursery - in a very gentle way and she has engaged at her pace.

Parent 2016-2017

She can write her name! She can spell her name. She shares and takes turns and has become really caring to other children.

Parent 2015-2016

The education feels natural and creative and experimental. No one is making a judgment. There is great sensitivity to the learning of each child. The children feel that they have power to express themselves and that they will be listened to. Its organic! Its an extension of home but so much more!

Parent 2015-2016

Being a governor at BNSCC has been a source of great pride, stimulation, learning and happiness…BNSCC has been a huge part of my life, and in the lives of my two daughters who have flourished during their time in BNSCC’s creative, nurturing, reflective, evolving and outstanding environment

Governor 2015-2016

Balham Nursery is fantastic! They take great care to get to know each child individually and consistently go above and beyond to support all children and their families. They have a great understanding of Speech, Language and Communication Needs and work with me on a weekly basis to support all children in the nursery to achieve their communication potential.

Kate, Speech and Language Therapist

Balham nursery is a wonderful, inclusive school where staff really care about the development and wellbeing of all children. Children settle very happily and make huge progress.

Karen Shumacher - Educational Psychologist

I love it here at Balham Nursery, I love it because everyone is so kind

Front Class child