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We look at the world through a child’s eyes to make learning fun.

What people say

Feedback gathered from our parents and partners.

My child has become more vocal and confident. He’s learnt new skills, rhymes etc. He eats vegetables, which he didn’t before starting here. He learnt to write his name in the first few weeks. It has been a wonderful experience. We, as parents, have been very satisfied with the impact of the nursery on our son. We feel our son is safe and happy at school which makes us content and happy as parents.

Parent 2021-2022

I feel sad at home sometimes, my brother bosses me, never here though, not at nursery!

Front Class Child 2021-2022

I love how all the teachers seem to love their job and I love how they have helped with my daughter’s speech.

Parent 2021-2022

Before my son started, he wasn’t really as confident, but he is now exploring new things and talking a lot more than before.

Parent 2021-2022

Our child has blossomed so much since he has started. He is happy, learning, and curious about everything. A perfect start to life at school!

Parent 2019-2020

We have been fully supported by the SENDCo throughout our child’s nursery life and have always felt he is included despite his difficulties.

Parent 2019-2020

This Nursery is love and highly recommended. It has made my child stand high among her peers.

Parent 2019-2020

We love this place and recommend it all the time! Balham has provided my child with many wonderful experiences. She has thoroughly enjoyed her start in education and I think BNS has laid strong foundations for a love of learning.

Parent 2019-2020

Thank you for giving our child such an amazing experience - it has been transformative! Balham is a welcoming, diverse family that does secret wonders in a unique and supportive way! I wish it was for more years than just one. Incredibly skilled and talented staff, very strong structure to support learning and development. Inspiring Head and Teachers. Great approach to materials and ideas - thank you.

Parent 2019-2020

My child has experienced so much more than I ever imagined or am able to offer her. Holding a 3 day old chick will be a lasting memory for her

Parent 2018-2019

Being a governor at BNSCC has been a source of great pride, stimulation, learning and happiness…BNSCC has been a huge part of my life, and in the lives of my two children who have flourished during their time in BNSCC’s creative, nurturing, reflective, evolving and outstanding environment

Governor 2018-2019

All staff give a warm welcome at all times to both myself and my child. From the class staff, to the Headteacher, kitchen and office staff too - commendable!

Parent 2017-2018

BNSCC is such a warm, nurturing and caring environment. The children and families are made to feel very welcome and cared for. I feel very lucky to be part of the community and for both of my children it has been a really positive and key part of their development

Parent 2017-2018

The education feels natural and creative and experimental. No one is making a judgment. There is great sensitivity to the learning of each child. The children feel that they have power to express themselves and that they will be listened to. Its organic! Its an extension of home but so much more!

Parent 2017-2018

Balham Nursery is fantastic! They take great care to get to know each child individually and consistently go above and beyond to support all children and their families. They have a great understanding of Speech, Language and Communication Needs and work with me on a weekly basis to support all children in the nursery to achieve their communication potential.

Kate, Speech and Language Therapist

I love it here at Balham Nursery, I love it because everyone is so kind

Front Class child

Balham nursery is a wonderful, inclusive school where staff really care about the development and wellbeing of all children. Children settle very happily and make huge progress.

Karen Schumacher - Educational Psychologist

I love Balham Nursery. I want to stay here until I’m a teenager!

Back Class child