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Autumn First Half Term Timetable 2018

3 September - 22 October 2018

NEW - at Balham, Fayland and Nightingale Square

The Children’s Centres will be running a number of sessions and services over the Autumn Term. The timetable of activities and the dates on which they will be taking place is downloadable here. For some sessions you would need to make a booking, others are “drop in” - please see the timetable. For further information, or to make a booking, please do give a member of the Children’s Centres team a call:
@Balham on 020 8673 4055 or an email cc@balham-nursery.wandsworth.sch.uk
@Fayland on 020 8696 6649 or an email faylandchildrenscentre@wandsworth.gov.uk